Don’t Blow Your Budget.

Dream dress

When planning a wedding most people have a set budget and they divide that up into component parts – venue, flowers, food etc.  However, when it comes to the dress sometimes budgets can go out of the window.

If you know you only have ‘x’ amount to spend on your dress, whatever you do don’t look at or, worse still, try on dresses over budget as the only thing this will achieve is heartache.

A dress that costs £1,000 will never match a dress that costs £12,000 and no matter how many dresses you try on afterwards none of them will live up to the ‘dream’ dress.  Dresses within your budget will now seem cheap, they won’t have a big enough skirt, the material won’t be right, there won’t be enough bling etc.  Know your budget and stick to it.

If, however, you really feel you can’t live without ‘that’ dress can you live with cutting back on other elements of the wedding?  Are you prepared to maybe invite less people, go for the cheaper food option, have less decorations?  Think really hard before getting caught up in the excitement of the moment as it could have serious consequences on the rest of the day.

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