Too Many Cooks.


It’s lovely to invite family and friends to help choose your dress but what if they have different ideas to you as to what you should look like on your wedding day?  Granny may want a demure covered look, Mum may want the princess gown and your friends want to see you in something tight and sexy so what do you do?  Stick to your guns, that’s what!

The number of brides who fall in love with a dress and can visualise walking down the aisle in it and then change their minds because one or more of their entourage don’t like it is amazing.

Also, if someone else is paying for the dress they probably feel they have the final say in what you wear but remember, it’s your day and it’s your choice.  Don’t feel pressured into buying something you don’t want.  It’s better to walk away without a dress than buy one you’re not in love with as it will probably only result in you buying another dress later on anyway.  If the dress makes you light up and maybe shed a few happy tears then everyone else will love it too.

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