Sometimes a groom can feel a bit left out when it comes to what he’s going to wear on the big day.  Nine times out of ten, his outfit has to complement the bride and it can sometimes be hard for their personality to shine through.

One easy and relatively low cost way is by a personalised buttonhole.  There are so many options out there now that only your imagination can hold you back.

  • There are fabric ones that come in many patterns and colours.
  • Knitted ones that, again, come in many colours.
  • Feathers – peacock ones for a lovely bright splash of colour or pheasant if you want something a little more rustic, maybe with a meadow flower if its an outdoor wedding, or a sprig of heather if there are Celtic connections.
  • Paper flowers, perhaps made from the pages of a favourite book.
  • Shells are great for beach weddings and who said pockets are just for handkerchiefs?  Why not fill your lapel pocket with a small bouquet?

Whatever your personality there is a buttonhole out there for you!

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