To Lose (Weight) Or Not To Lose, That Is The Question!


For most people the health kick starts on January 1st but for some reason, for brides-to-be, it happens when the ring is put on their finger.  They seem to think the minute the man of their dreams wants to marry them he suddenly doesn’t like the way they look!

Maybe you haven’t felt happy with how you look for some time but because your partner loves you just the way you are, you haven’t had a reason to do anything about it, but now you have the incentive you need and exercise is a great stress reliever, which when planning a wedding could be a bonus!  There are a few downsides though……..what if your fiance doesn’t like the ‘new’ you?  What if he misses eating takeaways with you on a Saturday night?  What if he doesn’t want to embrace your new fitness regime?  With weight loss a new confidence can come and people notice you more – will your fiance be happy about that and proud to be with you or will it cause jealousies?   Will you look at your partner and think they don’t look as ‘fit’ as you thought they were and feel you could do better?

It’s worth thinking about the reasons you want to lose weight.  If you are doing it to look good in your photographs how are they going to make you feel if you put the weight back on?  Losing weight is great but do it for the right reasons and make sure your fiance is with you 100%, after all, he might not want you to lose those assets that he loves!

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