Are Wedding Traditions Still Important? Part 3



  1. Should the Bride take her husband’s surname?
  2. Should the speeches be the preserve of one gender?
  3. Should the cake still be iced fruit cake?


  1. Now this is a tough one. Back in the day it was expected for the Bride to take her husband’s name but nowadays that’s not always the case.  If the bride has a career where she is known by her maiden name and changing it could cause confusion then for professional reasons she may choose to keep her maiden name but use her married name for personal things.  Also, with some families only having girls and no boy to carry on the family name some Brides like to keep their name but put their husband’s surname last to make it double-barrelled.
  2. Most speeches are the preserve of the Father-of-the-Bride, the Groom and the Best Man but nowadays it is becoming more popular for Brides themselves to want to say something and why not? Also, if a female member of her family has given her away then she too should have her say and if the Chief Bridesmaid wants to say something then bring it on I say!!
  3. I think this has now fallen by the wayside.  Wedding cakes are now becoming lighter and with so many choices you can have each tier a different flavour. Some don’t even get iced but stay ‘naked’ just covered in buttercream.  Nowadays, if you mention iced fruit cake, people are more likely to associate it with Christmas rather than a wedding.

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