Are Wedding Traditions Still Important? Part 2


  1. Should there still be a Best Man and Bridesmaids?
  2. Should the Bride’s Father still walk her down the aisle?


  1. Nowadays it’s not unusual for there to be a Best Woman (I should know, I was one and even wore tails!) and why should there be only one Best Man? If a Groom has more than one brother or more than one close friend how can he choose only one of them?  Those not chosen usually act as Ushers but think of the fun of having more than one speech from people that have known you from different stages of your life!  The only issue may be who hands over the rings but if you pick your oldest brother or the friend you have known the longest then I don’t think anyone will have a problem.  As for Bridesmaids, well this can go the other way.  With people having so many ‘friends’ these days Brides can find it hard to choose and end up with six or more maids.  Not only is this costly if the Bride is buying the dresses but can also cause problems in the hair and make-up department.  I know one bride who wanted an ‘up-do’ but by the time the hairdresser got to her she ran out of time and just about managed to blow-dry her hair!
  2. I think most Brides would want this, however, with families being the way they are these days that isn’t always the obvious choice. The Bride’s Father may no longer be alive, he may be divorced from her Mother and has a great relationship with her Step-Father and doesn’t want to hurt him or she may not be close to her family at all.  I’ve been to weddings where the Mother-of-the-Bride has walked her down the aisle, her brother, her best friend or even no one at all, just herself like Meghan Markle.  There is no right or wrong here, it really is personal choice.

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