Is There Such A Thing As A Wedding Season?


Most brides, when planning a wedding, will pick summer, probably in the hope they will get good weather on the day but, speaking as a photographer, having a lovely sunny day can wash out the photographs so don’t write off the other seasons.

Spring brings about all the lovely flowers and blossoms which look great in photos and as it’s slightly cooler you won’t flag quite so much during the day as heat can be very tiring.

Autumn brings the glorious colours in the trees as their leaves change and can be a great colour palette to base your theme around and the autumn trees look fabulous as a backdrop.

Winter has the bonus that most hotels will be decorated for Christmas (this can save you money on providing your own decorations) and a sprinkling of snow can look very romantic.  It also allows the bride to wear a cape or faux fur shrug adding another dimension to her dress and you can get away with vibrant coloured bridesmaids dresses rather than the pastels that tend to get picked in the warmer seasons.

Nature is wonderful so embrace it!


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