What Has Happened To Hen Parties?


Once-upon-a-time a hen party was judged how good it was by how much you could remember the next morning!  All the chief bridesmaid had to do was find some bridal ‘tat’ to dress the bride in, find a pub and if she really pushed the boat out, a stripper (or two).  Nowadays, it’s more about doing what will look good on social media and being healthy.

Gone are the bottles of wine and cocktails and in their place are smoothies and juices,  the drunken dancing has been replaced by yoga and the only stripping being done is by the hens at the spa getting ready for treatments.

Maybe brides and their entourage are getting more health conscious but these parties don’t come cheap and usually last for two or more days and are most likely to be abroad.  When some people are struggling with the cost of just attending the wedding is it really fair to add this extra expense just so it’s media worthy?

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