Engagement Rings – What A Minefield!

Engagement Ring

When it comes to your boyfriend ‘popping the question’ would you be happy for him to surprise you with a ring he’s chosen or would you want to pick it yourself?   If you’ve got to the stage where he’s ready to propose, he must feel he knows you pretty well and what your tastes are so would you happily accept it or say ‘Darling that’s wonderful but not really me’ and make sure he’s kept the receipt so you can go back with him to the shop and get what you want?

Then how do you decide what to choose?  Do you prefer a solitaire, three stones, a certain cut or colour or would you prefer to have it designed so yours is unique?

If money is tight and he can’t afford the ring of your dreams would you upgrade as and when he could afford to or would the sentimentality mean you’d stick with the original one?

I used to work with a girl who ‘upgraded’ her engagement ring four times!  The marriage didn’t last – maybe she upgraded him!!!

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