Don’t Be Afraid To Ask!


When organising an event of any kind, it’s always difficult to let go of the reigns and hand them over to someone else.

Weddings can be particularly difficult as it’s the most memorable day of your life but unless you learn to delegate, it could be the most stressful too.  I’m not saying let other people make the big decisions for you but friends and family are there to help and they would probably be thrilled to have been asked.

You may know someone who is ‘arty’ and could do your invitations or someone who has lovely handwriting that could do your seating plan and table names or it may just be getting some friends round a table and and helping you stuff, stamp and address envelopes and if you don’t want them to feel as if they are being used, cook them a meal or throw in some wine and make a night of it.  Who knows, you may discover your family/friends have talents you never knew existed.

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