The New Normal!


As the world gets accustomed to people greeting each other with nods instead of handshakes and hugs, photographers will need to adapt too.  Hand sanitisers will fight for space in the camera bag along with the usual lenses and filters and getting couples and groups into poses/position will now have to be verbal and non-contact.  We will have to become more aware of what we touch on a shoot and take extra breaks to wash our hands.

With venues only allowing a handful of people to attend, at the moment, photographers may end up being witnesses in order to be allowed in and there is also the worry that couples may decide to just have photos that their friends take on their phones, after all, everyone is a photographer these days!

We will have to be more flexible with our time too as most couples are going to struggle to get venues on a Saturday for some time to come and so Sunday and Monday are probably going to be the new Saturday but really any weekday will now become popular.

We are starting to come out the other side, albeit slowly, and we all need to be patient and kind to each other as we are all learning how to adapt in this strange time.  As long as we all keep talking anything is possible!

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