Don’t Get Down About Covid-19

Disease thermometer virus 2019-nCoV
Disease thermometer virus 2019-nCoV


You’ve probably spent years dreaming about and planning your wedding and now it’s just around the corner but Covid-19 has reared its ugly head and everything has had to go on hold.  The stress levels are now even higher and panic has probably set in but now is the time to take a few deep breaths and accept that there is no point in stressing about something you have no control over.

Your guests will understand and appreciate that you are postponing because you have to and you don’t want to put their lives at risk (that wouldn’t be a great party atmosphere!) and will still probably have an empty diary for the following year anyway and if you work with your venue and suppliers you shouldn’t lose any money as you will still be using them and they should be understanding and flexible during this crazy time.  They will want to accommodate you as they will want to keep your business once life resumes (and it will).  Bear in mind that if you cancel rather than postpone you will invariably lose your money.

When contacting your suppliers to re-schedule, it’s probably best to email them as then you have a paper-trail to follow rather than trying to remember what was agreed over the phone and most suppliers will keep any payment made as a voucher or credit to be used in the future, however, try to get this in writing for peace of mind.

This is one time when wedding insurance will probably come into its own as if a supplier is forced to close and cannot host your wedding or provide food, flowers etc, then you will be entitled to compensation.

If you were planning your wedding for 2021 I’d recommend caution and not commit anything financially yet.  Wait and see how things pan out and remember, there will be a backlog of weddings and date changes that will have to be accommodated first but this doesn’t stop you researching and planning etc.

Trying to finish on an up-beat note, for all you couples that have had to postpone, focus on planning your new wedding and remember it doesn’t have to be what you originally planned!  Maybe you saw things that you wished you’d incorporated into your plan but felt it was too late to do so, well now you have the time to add them and you never know you may end up with a wedding plan that is better than your original one!

Just remember, your wedding will happen and everyone will be in the mood to party bigger and better so enjoy!

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