To Video Or Not To Video, That Is The Question!

DSC_2924 (1)

For many couples the thought of being photographed is bad enough yet alone being videoed but speaking from my own experiences I can’t recommend it enough.

John and I got married at home so had the whole day recorded due to no restrictions, however, the sound quality was so poor we ended up putting music over it! You may think that having the video done was a waste of time but, no, as it still allowed us to replay our day and watch the emotions unfold, which was just as well seeing as our photographer had problems with his camera but that’s a different story!

Although we don’t offer a full video package we do offer to video the speeches.  We find to start with that couples decline the offer as the groom is already nervous enough about doing his speech without it being caught on film but we promise to be very discreet and out of eyesight (we keep off to one side) and in the end they are pleased we did it.  This was true of one of our recent couples.  They were so adamant they didn’t want to be videoed but after having it done they were so pleased.  They contacted us to say they constantly watch it (nearly every weekend!) and their Best Man keeps popping in so he can re-live his speech!

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