The Joy Of Digital!


In my last blog I mentioned how our photographer had a problem with his camera and this made me think about how times have changed.  In ‘our day’ it was good old film and your were limited to how many rolls the photographer had and heaven help you if it got exposed.  I’m not too sure what went wrong on our day – the photographer never did tell us – but he lost a complete roll of film and we lost a whole ‘time frame’ of the day.

The difference now, of course, is you can take anything from 500-800 photographs digitally and if you aren’t happy you can delete them immediately or edit them until you are happy.  Also, with film, you were limited on the number of prints due to cost (most people had around 25) but you had less photos to choose from, whereas now, how do you choose from over 500 photos?

John and I pick out the photos we are happiest with but invariably the bride and groom ask to see them all, love them all and want them all!  One of our recent couples even picked a photo as their favorite that we had discarded!  It just goes to show that a ‘professional’ eye isn’t always as good a an ’emotional’ eye.

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